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Tim Farmer

Tim Farmer's Bio

For over 28 years, Tim Farmer has been entertaining television audiences with his journeys across the Commonwealth of Kentucky. The 5-time Emmy award winning host and executive producer hosted and produced Kentucky Afield for over 20 years. Kentucky Afield is the oldest outdoor show in the nation, going on the air in 1953. After 20 wonderful years, he announced his retirement from the Department of Fish and Wildlife in December 2015. He spent nearly 30 years with the Dept. of FW starting in the 80's in the the Fisheries Department.

Tim was best known for overcoming the loss of the use of his right arm in a tragic motorcycle accident, while serving as a United States Marine. 

Tim learned to shoot a bow using his teeth and won many archery competitions against able-bodied archers.

Tim has taken hundreds of big game animals including bear, deer, boar and turkey, using a strap attached to his bowstring. Tim pulls 70 pounds with his teeth.

Tim is also an accomplished musician, performing with his band when he has time available after production of his television show Tim Farmer's Country Kitchen.

Tim Farmer's Country Kitchen is in its 11th season and has been nominated for an Emmy. It is a show about cooking, farming, canning, smoking and preparing meats, and gardening. The show can now be seen across much of the United States and reaches approximately 60 million viewers via NETA.

Tim's wife Nicki came on the show in 2018 as co-host and helps Tim with the cooking. Their daughter Kelli Kinman produces, videos and edits the show. It is a true family show.