Cowboy Cooking - Mexican Style

We typically use three cameras at once to make sure to get all of the action.

First up is Mexican Street Corn. Tim grilled it over the fire and added mayonnaise, cheese and seasonings for the traditional look and taste.

He couldn't stop eating his piece. We had to make him set it down to get a "Beauty Shot" of the food as we call it.

The cheese is called cotija.

Next was the main dish which was a Mexican Lasagna. Lots of tasty meat and veggies and seasonings layered between tortillas, cheese and salsa.

Tim mixed together a traditional guacamole with simple ingredients. Avocado, tomatoes, lime juice, cilantro and yellow sweet onion.

*He used yellow sweet onion instead of the red onion, because it gives him indigestion*

Last was dessert. Simple churros made out of crescent roll dough, butter and cinnamon sugar. Dipping them in chocolate was Tim's favorite way to eat them.

*Show will air May 23, 2020*

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