Behind-The-Scenes Episode #758

Check out behind-the-scenes photos and videos from our upcoming episode...

Dr. Alex comes out to check on the sheep and lambs and give their shots. We trapped them all in a smaller pen so he could have easy access to them all.

They were VERY loud and Tim and Alex had to practically yell over them.

Everyone got their shots and dewormed and were happy to escape afterward.

Dr. Alex is a mobile vet that mostly treats farm animals from Wonderlich Veterinary Services, PLLC.

He also trimmed our donkey Holly's hooves. Kelli had to coax her into the pig pen with sweet feed very slowly. Once she was in, she was well behaved and enjoyed her manicure.

Here is a sneak peek of the food we will be making. Green bean casserole, Paprika mashed potatoes and Wild Turkey with Gravy in the Instant Pot!


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